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My gift to the world

I believe each one of us is blessed with a unique gift. We are here to share our talents with the world. My voice, my energy, and my commitment are the three things that determine my life and career.

At the age of 14, I became a radio presenter. I wrote romantic stories. One of the producers of the local radio asked me to read them aloud every Sunday in his show. A few months later I got my own radio show. At 18 I became the host of a prime time national radio show. Radio is one of my biggest passions I love touching peoples’ hearts with my voice.  During my radio years, I learned how to connect with my listeners and communicate a clear message. This is what I teach others today; how to embody your true voice and have an impact on your message.

My tv and radio shows became successful because I ‘ve always been authentic. I ‘ve never tried to be someone else in the media. What you see is what you get. I believe we can only live our brightest life if we are our authentic self no matter how much the outside world criticizes you. In the media, I have always inspired people to look at life from a higher and broader consciousness.

Being a pioneer I had a lot of fans and also a lot of critics. It never influenced me because I was deeply connected with my authentic self. In my private life, it was quite a journey for me to become my unapologetic self. (the one who does not apologize for being herself).

I had to transform the people-pleaser inside of me. I had to learn not to only take my space in the media but also own my space in my daily life. 

These transforming years have brought me such richness. Today I can say that I am my unapologetic self at all times and all places. I love supporting others to become their authentic selves and give that self a voice.

I’ve always been committed to living my best life. I never want to regret not having taken that next step that leads me to a higher level and a brighter me. Living your best life asks a commitment towards yourself and others. When you are fully commited you show up and get things done in life. I’ve been knocked down many times, my commitment to myself always gave me the power to rise and shine again. I am fully committed to supporting others to live their best life. Once you work with me you get my full commitment.

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