Do you feel you are here for more ?
Do you want to express yourself and give yourself a voice?


One to one

One to one sessions with me are always life-changing experiences.

We go to the root cause of what keeps you blocked or shut down in life.

A garden filled with plastic gives no flowers, once the obstacles are removed your garden will offer you the most beautiful flowers and fruits.


The power of a group can create miracles. You can book me for group sessions or join one of the workshops in Europe.


Especially the ‘speak with ease’ coachings and media training are enriching for your company.

For these courses, I work with the international Presentation Master team.

We are 4 amazing ladies who support and empower you to express yourself with impact and ease.

Choose your path

Sandra Deakin

I want to Speak with ease and impact

An authentic voice is a powerful tool to reach people.

I support you to express your true voice, deliver a clear message and connect with your audience.
I teach you the professional skills you can use at all times.

This will give you a good base to gain confidence and express yourself with clarity and ease

Sandra Deakin

I want to Live my brightest life

a private coaching experience with me where I take you on an inner journey. This is a transformative experience.

We discover what is holding you back to live your brightest version.You get tools you can use in your daily life that empower you to be your unapologetic self at all times.

This creates lasting change

Sandra Deakin

I want to be my brightest version as a woman

An awakening journey where I take you by the hand to become a goddess in your daily life.

Living in a society that is more mindbased we have forgotten our true nature as a woman.

This program is to rediscover, nurture, reconnect and celebrate the deep feminine power in each woman.