An awakening journey where I take you by the hand to become a goddess in your daily life. Living in a society that is more mindbased we have forgotten our true nature as a woman. This program is to rediscover, nurture, reconnect and celebrate the deep feminine power in each woman.

  • Do you get lost in your emotions?
  • Do you feel overruled by the world ?
  • Are you a people pleaser ?
  • Do you have old wounds and pains inside of yourself
  • Do you give yourself constantly away?
  • Do you lose yourself in your lovelife?
  • Is your sexual life not satisfying you?

One of these things sounds familiar? Then this is your program.

Today women are destined for bigger things. But how can we step in our own brilliance if there is no self-love and lack of self-worth? Women have to stop sacrificing themselves and become Leaders.

It is time to celebrate life as a woman.

Next workshop: announcement early 2020